Why Is The Bearing Damaged Prematurely?

- Oct 08, 2018-

One, Poor lubrication

According to the investigation, poor lubrication is one of the main causes of premature composite bearing damage, premature damage caused by 50% is due to poor lubrication, specifically including: no timely filling lubrication products, Lubrication Product selection error or not filling in place, lubrication method is incorrect and so On.

The suggestion is: be sure to select the correct lubricating product before lubricating the composite bearing and raise it in the correct way.

Second, Fatigue Damage Fatigue damage is another common form of damage to composite bearings, and premature damage is caused by 34% in the Case.

The main reasons for the fatigue of composite bearings are: composite bearing long-term overload operation, composite bearing broken not timely maintenance or improper maintenance, equipment aging and so On.

The recommendations here Are: select the appropriate composite bearing type, periodically check and replace the fatigue composite bearing in a timely manner.

Third, Improper installation Due to improper installation of the cause of the composite bearing life reduced by about 16%, in general, mainly includes the following two specific reasons: the first is the installation of excessive force, such as some staff will use a hammer percussion composite bearings, the damage to composite bearings is actually very large, it is easy to cause Deformation.

secondly, the installation of the process is biased, not mounted to composite bearing position, resulting in a composite bearing clearance is too small, or internal and external ring different Heart.

To this, the suggestion Is: before the installation to select the appropriate or professional composite bearing installation tools, after installation do not forget to use special instruments to Detect.

Iv. pollution The implication of pollution is that dust, metal chips and other impurities into the composite bearing inside, which is the cause of premature damage to composite bearings is an important reason, accounting for about 14% of all Causes. Premature opening of the packaging before use will cause internal pollution, while the installation process of the working environment dirty, etc. will cause the compound bearing Pollution.