Sliding Bearing: Analysis Of The Cause Of Damage

- Oct 08, 2018-

1, some enterprises in the production of coating machine bearings in the process of not strictly in accordance with the requirements of cleaning and rust prevention procedures and oil seal rust-proof Packaging of the processing process of the coating machine bearing parts and after the assembly of the coating machine bearing finished anti-rust Treatment.

If the ring in the turnover process is too long turnaround time, outer ring outside the contact with corrosive liquids or gases.

2, some enterprises in the production of anti-rust lubricants, cleaning kerosene and other products of the quality of the process technology Requirements.

3, some enterprises coating machine bearing ring turning margin and grinding allowance is small, the outer circle of the oxide skin, decarburization layer is not completely removed is also one of the Reasons.

4, some enterprises of poor environmental conditions, high levels of harmful substances in the air, the working space is too small, difficult to carry out effective anti-rust treatment. Coupled with the hot weather, production workers violate the Anti-rust regulations and other phenomena Exist.

5, some enterprises of anti-rust paper, nylon paper (bag) and plastic tube and other coating machine bearings packaging materials do not meet the rolling coating machine bearing oil SEAL RUST-PROOF Packaging requirements are also the cause of Corrosion. 

6, because the coating machine bearing steel price drop again, resulting in the coating machine bearing steel quality gradually decline. such as the high level of non-metallic impurities in steel (the increase in the content of sulfur in steel to reduce the corrosion resistance of the material), metallographic microstructure Deviation. Now the production enterprise uses the coating machine bearing steel source is more miscellaneous, the steel quality is the fish Dragon mixed Bead.