Methods To Prevent Rust Of Self-lubricating Bearings

- Oct 08, 2018-

First, to prevent self-lubricating bearings from rusting, the surface should be preprocessed:

Surface cleaning: Cleaning must be based on the nature of the surface of the antirust material and the conditions at that time, to select the appropriate method. Commonly used solvent cleaning method, chemical treatment cleaning method and mechanical cleaning method.

Surface drying: Clean after cleaning can be used to dry compressed air drying, or with 120~170℃ dryer drying, can also be used to dry clean gauze.

It is also possible to apply antirust oil to the following specific methods:

Immersion Method: Some small items are soaked in rust-proof grease to allow their self-lubricating bearing surface to adhere to a layer of rust-proof grease. The thickness of the oil film can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the antirust grease.

Brush Coating Method:

Used for outdoor construction equipment or special shape products that do not apply to immersion or spraying, self-lubricating bearings should be careful not to generate accumulation, but also to prevent leakage of paint.

Spray Method:

Some large-scale anti-rust material can not be used in immersion coating oil, generally with about 0.7MPA pressure of the filtered compressed air in the air clean place for spraying.

The spray method is suitable for solvent dilution type antirust oil or thin layer antirust oil, but it must adopt perfect self-lubricating bearing fire protection and labor protection Measures.