Automotive Self-lubricating Bearings For Efficient Energy Saving And Emission Reduction

- Oct 08, 2018-

"energy conservation and emission reduction" is the focus of the automotive industry, a variety of related technical means emerge, improve fuel efficiency is one of the core means.

To improve the fuel efficiency, the first step is to further improve the combustion, improve the thermal efficiency, followed by the automotive power transmission system self-lubricating bearings in all aspects of reducing friction, improve transmission efficiency. As an important part of automotive powertrain systems, bearings play an important role in which self-lubricating bearings with excellent low-friction performance, can more efficiently assist the automotive powertrain to reduce friction, improve transmission efficiency and fuel efficiency!

Not only that, self-lubricating bearings can also help with vehicle lightweighting and cost Optimization. In practical applications, self-lubricating bearings exhibit significant advantages unmatched by other types of bearings.