What should be noticed when installing Oil-free bearings?

- Oct 08, 2018-

1, should determine the oil-free bearing axis, shaft shell mating surface whether there is a bump, protrusion and so On.

2, See whether oil-free bearings have dust or mold sand attached to the bearing shell Surface.

3, If there is no oil bearing small bump, protrusion, etc., If you have to use oil grinding stone or fine sandpaper to Remove.

4, in order to avoid the installation of the damage, shaft and shaft shell surface should be wiped a small amount of lubricating Oil. To install the oil-free bearing on the shaft, the inner ring must be applied, and the bearing should be installed in the bearing housing when the force is applied to the outer ring. In the bearing force, it is important to be careful to make the force perpendicular and uniform, the offset will make the bearing Injured. In this regard, absolutely try to avoid partial beating.