What are the methods for repairing plain bearings?

- Oct 08, 2018-

One, Plain bearings-integral Bearing

1, when the bearing hole wear, generally with the replacement of bearings and by boring, reaming or scraping machining of the bearing hole method repair; plastic deformation method can be used to shorten the length of the bearing and reduce the diameter of the repair Method.

2, no bushing bearing bore wear, can be used to repair the bushing method, that is, the bearing hole boring large, press into the processing of the bushing, and then the shaft neck trimming, so that it meets the Requirements.

Second, Plain Bearings-split Bearing 

1, Replace the Bearing. Serious burning loss, The burning area of the tile mouth is large, the depth of wear, with the method of turning research and run-in can not be saved; the bearing alloy of tile liner is reduced to the limit size, the bearing is damaged or cracked seriously, the wear is serious and the radial gap is too large to Adjust.

2, Scraping Research Bearings. The usual method of repair is to scrape the inner surface of the bearing after cleaning and then scrape with the shaft neck, knowing that the required contact accuracy can be obtained again. For some minor abrasions or a partial burn, the lubricant can be cleaned and replaced, and then treated in a running-in manner without the need for demolition and Scraping. 

3, Adjust the radial clearance. Bearing due to wear and increase the radial clearance, resulting in oil spills, vibration, wear speed and other PHENOMENA. When repairing the gasket, if the bearing is removed, it should be scraped in accordance with the bearing view Village. If there is no adjustment gasket between the bearing pads, copper or thin copper on the back of the shaft liner can be plated, but must be padded to prevent channeling. When the alloy layer on the shaft liner is too thin, the anti-wear alloy should be re-cast or replaced with a new bushing. 

4, reduce the contact angle, increase the size of the oil wedge. With the increase of running time, the wear of sliding bearing increases gradually, forming the shaft neck sinking, the contact angle is enlarged, the lubricating condition deteriorates and the wear is Accelerated. In the case of the radial clearance does not need to adjust, can be used to open large tile mouth, reduce contact angle, reduce the contact area, increase the size of the oil wedge method to Repair.Sometimes this repair is performed at the same time as adjusting the radial clearance, resulting in a better repair effect. 

5, Repair and Surfacing welding. Bearings with wear, scratches, breaks or other defects can be repaired with repair or surfacing. The bearings are usually repaired with gas welding. 

6. Re-cast Bearing Tile Liner. For bearings with severe wear and failure, repair welding or surfacing can not meet the requirements, it is necessary to re-cast bearing alloy, It is a very common method of Restoration. Periodic bearings should be inspected for extended service Life.