Measures to solve common faults of plain bearings

- Oct 08, 2018-

1, Plain bearing normal wear and tear.

The bearing work surface is smooth and flat, the wear rate of the bearing is usually approximate to a constant value, when the accumulated wear amount is greater than the design allowable wear value, The bearing fails, dies into a wear, the main cause of wear is the unit overload or Overspeed operation; there are too many magazines in lubricating oil, poor lubrication, and poor bearing running. Reduce the normal wear and tear failure methods and measures: to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication of the unit, timely lubrication system, sealing system maintenance and maintenance, replacement of lubricating oil, to ensure that the particle content and size in lubricating oil within the allowable range, in strict accordance with operating Procedures. Prevent the bearing from running under Overload and Overspeed Condition. 

2, Sliding bearing Abrasion Phenomenon.

The bearing and the shaft neck surface metal direct contact and produces the fine and shallow plow mark, The main reason is the unit starts or stops the process, the bearing oil film pressure is not enough, the lubricating oil is too little, or enters the tubing road to have the rupture phenomenon or the lubricating oil mixed with other impurities. 

3, gluing Phenomenon.

Sliding bearing occurs in the unit overload operation, bearing local load too high, overheating, lack of lubricating oil, bearing seat vibration, and so on, the bearing seat temperature rise quickly, so that the bearing and shaft with the surface of direct contact and local fusion Together. Methods and measures to prevent the gluing of plain bearings: avoid overloading the Unit. Improve bearing assembly quality and lubricant cleanliness to avoid excessive bearing local LOAD. Improve oil supply system to avoid oil shortage Operation. Strengthen the joint stiffness of the housing to avoid vibration of the Frame.