Learn about the scraping method of sliding bearing

- Oct 08, 2018-

Sliding bearings When scraping, should be based on the situation, take the first weight after light, scraping the weight of the sliding bearing to stay light, scraping large stay small principle.

Start several times, the hand can be heavier, more scraping away some metal, so as to achieve better contact QUICKLY. When the contact zone reaches 50%, it should be scratched.

After each shave, the tile face is wiped clean, and the display agent is applied to the axle neck colonel Nuclear inspection, and then according to the contact situation of the scraping, until the technical requirements are met. For sliding bearing scraping inspection can use the display agent, but the contact point is very high precision bearings, scraping the final stage of the use of the display Agent. because, after the coating agent, the coloring point on the bearing is too large, it is not easy to judge the actual contact Situation. The shaft neck can be wiped clean, directly placed in the bearing check, and then take out the shaft, you can see the bright spot on the bearing, that is, the contact Point. Scratch the highlights until the technical requirements are met. Plain bearings are constantly being applied.